The Tail of Us

Paul and Jen are the owners of The Offal Good Treat Co. and Raw4Dogs. Never did they imagine that their days and nights would be filled with handling raw meat and discussing the various smells and merits of organs, but here they are. From the tiny bunkie in their backyard in Innisfil Ontario, to their now 1600 square foot shop in Phelpston, Ontario that houses a large assortment of freezers and meat, they are happily providing affordable nutrition for pets and spending romantic Friday nights sipping wine and packaging OFFAL!

Offal Good Treats came about about from a need to give dogs the most delicious and healthiest treats they could find. They began selling select treats in their shop Raw4dogs. They found that there was increasing interest in these treats due to the fact that they were species appropriate and that the dogs would go crazy over them. They started taking the signature tripe treats to sporting events and training classes where dogs and owners would suddenly become very interested in what was in their treat pouch.

The Offal Good Treat Co. is the result of our dogs having us wrapped around their little paws. They wagged and we listened. It is so important that we can feel good about giving these safe, nutritious and appropriate treats to our dogs.

Offal Good treats are taste tested and approved by the official quality control team of Bodhi, Kenna, Parcs and Jaidee.